Bhangra is a graceful and energetic dance form with its emphasis on wide movement, leaps, squats, lunges and turns. When done the right way, it can be a great way to build stamina, burn calories and win the dance floor at any party!


Technically, it’s a 90-min class that will have you burning some serious calories by the end of it.
We’ll do a choreography on a cool Bhangra remix. We have some nice numbers lined up that we can’t wait for you to learn and perform on! All levels welcome, no previous dance experience necessary.

1 Hour. 1 Choreography. Unlimited Fun! Sweat it out and take home a choreo – double win!


Follow along with our awesome instructors to the beats of amazing music and burn some serious calories in every class!


With its emphasis on wide movement, leaps, squats, lunges and turns – Bhangra is a great way to sweat it out and keep your body in shape. Combine this with the elegance inherent in the style and it becomes a cool way to have fun while burning some calories. With just a few classes of Fitness Bhangra, you’ll notice improvement in your stamina. Rock it with the moves of Bhangra and groove to your favorite music.


NYC Bhangra’s classes pack a dose of high-spirited authentic Bhangra which can freshen you up after a tiring day at work. Our awesome, friendly instructors teach you the form and technique to do Bhangra the right way. Add a dash of Bollywood and hip-hop to put some variety and you have a perfect mix. The class begins with a warm up, followed by basic step-by-step instruction of different Bhangra steps each week and finally choreography training to put those moves to the beat!

No previous dance experience is necessary – just bring in your smile! Our instructors are professional, friendly, and open minded. So come on in and join the swag!


If you’re well verse with the basics of Bhangra or think you’re ready to move to the next level, we offer the ‘Performance’ experience to you through our advanced classes. This class is not for the unprepared – we take you through fast-paced choreography which is exhilarating as well as challenging at the same time. You get to hone your Bhangra skills while learning quick transitions, proper form and energetic movement, all aimed at getting you stage-ready. With group choreographies at the advanced level, you can get a chance to perform at prestigious stages and high-profile venues.

With sufficient classes at this level and enough practice, you can show off your stuff and get exclusive bragging rights at any dance party!

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