After a few stints in the corporate, Megha found her calling when she started teaching Bhangra in 2007 in New York City to keep an active lifestyle. Way before Bhangra was a global dance phenomenon, she launched NYC Bhangra to create a community around a shared passion for dance. She pioneered the Bollywood / Bhangra performance space at prestigious venues and cultural festivals with leading artists. Since then, she has conducted numerous master classes, innovative workshops and mentored other leaders in the Bhangra arena.
For Dolly, dance is a way to stay closer to her roots and promote Indian culture. She performed at university events in the US and joined NYC Bhangra in 2010 when she made New York her home. She feels lucky to have met and bonded with passionate fellow dancers at NYC Bhangra. Over the years she has performed, choreographed and taught advanced, intermediate and beginner levels. Dolly also trains and performs Salsa and Bachata with LFX Dancers. She strives to learn different dance forms and get exposed to different cultures and feels that New York’s diversity offers a great platform for dancers from all over the world.
Trellace first encountered Bhangra and Bollywood in college. While pursuing her PhD from NYU, she joined as a student in NYC Bhangra’s dance classes in 2017. With a good deal of Bhangra experience under her belt and a passion for dance, she trained to become an instructor and now leads the Bhangra fitness classes in Manhattan.

Engineer by profession, dancer by passion and teacher at heart. After 3 years doing Zumba and Bollywood classes in India, Anupam started as a beginner student with NYC Bhangra in 2017 and soon moved up to the Advanced level and participated in performances.
Born and brought up in a pind (village) in Punjab, Anupam has deep love for Punjabi culture, music and the language. Now as a Bhangra instructor, he feels ecstatic that he gets to share this love and passion with New York City!
Besides being a dancer, he’s an avid cook and poet. Talk to him about anything Punjab, especially folk Punjab.


Harjit uses her body to express herself. Coming from a background in fine arts, specifically in sculpture, and combining her interests in parkour and yoga, she uses her artistic experiences to enrich her methods of teaching Bhangra. To Harjit, Bhangra is a very lively and empowering dance form, and it gives her immense joy to perform and teach it.


A fashion merchandiser by profession, Tina is extremely passionate about dancing, traveling and learning about new cultures!
Born and raised in Mumbai, she was inspired and influenced by prominent Bollywood dance gurus and Michael Jackson. As a teenager she trained at Veve Dance in Mumbai as a belly dancer for 5 years and transitioned to performing and assisting at workshops. After moving to the States she kept her passion for dance alive by training in different styles and came upon Bhangra in NYC. She fell in love with the vibrant dance and its culture, and advanced with NYC Bhangra to become a Bhangra dance fitness trainer in 2018.
Her varied portfolio of interests includes dancing, music festivals, adventure sports, socializing and she is currently traveling for 6 months through Central and South America with her life partner whom she met through NYCBhangra dance! Hit her up if you want to chat about love, travel and dance!