Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Bhangra?

Bhangra is a dance form with origins in Punjab state of north India. The dance is a traditional symbol of celebration for farmers after a good harvest.
Bhangra emphasizes expression, rhythm, passion and posture. The moves are graceful and energetic at the same time. Over the years, Bhangra has spread all over the world and is a common sight at parties, events and festivals.

I'm an absolute beginner in dance, should I take Bhangra Fitness or Learn Bhangra classes?

The Learn Bhangra beginner level classes will help you understand the basic form and body language through choreographed routines. On the other hand Bhangra Fitness classes, especially Lite, are a great way to practice and solidify the moves you’ve learnt while getting a good cardio workout.

What is the difference between Bhangra Fitness and Learn Bhangra classes?

Learn Bhangra classes are semester based. You sign-up for 6 consecutive weeks (1 hour/week) to learn a choreographed routine on a medley of popular songs. At conclusion, we record a performance video of the class. There are also regular performance opportunities at events organized by NYC Bhangra and other partner events.
Bhangra Fitness classes are package based. You can pick and choose the classes you want to attend and use class credits purchased via a package which has a validity period.

I've never tried Bhangra before, though I know some dancing. Should I go for the Bhangra Fitness or the Learn Bhangra classes?

For the unitiated, Bhangra Fitness Lite offers a great introduction to what Bhangra is – the steps, the form and the musicality – at the same time giving you good cardio workout. If you want a taste of performance oriented choreographed routines, then try out our Beginner or Intermediate classes.

What type of attire and shoes should I wear to class?

We suggest athletic, comfortable workout wear. Wear supportive, well-fitting sneakers with a good grip. Traditional Bhangra attire is very colorful and bright, so we encourage the same approach for your dose of cardio.

Can I attend a trial class?

We’d love to have you join us! If you’re a new member, you can attend your first two classes for the price of one. Book your first class then email us at offers@nycbhangra for the coupon code for the second class. Applicable to fitness classes only.

Do class packages expire?

Class packages expire after a specified period from purchase. The 5-pack is valid for 60 days and 10-pack is valid for 90 days. A single class purchase is valid for 30 days.

Can class packages be extended?

Unfortunately, we can only extend class packages in the case of a medical directive. If you are advised by a doctor not to exercise, please email with a doctor’s note to freeze your class package.

Can someone else attend in my place if I can't attend a class?

Class packages are not transferrable. However, we have regular offers for referring your friends to class. When a friend you’ve referred purchases their first package (5-pack or more), we’ll give you both an extra class credit. Email us at to get the offer.

Can I gift a class package?

Definitely! Bhangra classes make for a great experiential gift. Email us at for details.


What is Bhangra Fitness?

Bhangra is an energetic, joyful, celebratory dance from north India. We’ve built a unique style that combines Bhangra’s high-cardio moves with its wide-ranging, focused movements to give you a satisfying hour of workout. Mix up your weekly dance workout with different flavors – Lite, Strong, Full On and Femme to experience the variety and benefits of each class.

What are the different types of Bhangra Fitness classes?

We offer a variety of classes to meet your goals –

  • Lite is a low-intensity cardio workout where we also break down the steps for you.
  • Full On is a step up from Lite, with the same moves but faster and a notch higher intensity.
  • Strong is built for a full-body workout with focus on toning and core using the form of Bhangra.
  • Femme is a Giddha inspired movement-oriented class where toning is a focus along with added pizzazz.
What is the cancellation policy for the Fitness classes?

If you can’t make it to a class, cancel without losing your class-credit 12 hours before the class for a weekday class and 24 hours before class for a weekend class. If cancelled after the cut-off time, the class credit will be applied towards the class.

What is the difference between Full On and Strong?

Full On is high-intensity cardio workout on energizing music. You follow along to short routines that get you moving and your heart-rate up. There’s a lot of sweat and even more fun!
Strong is a full-body workout on popular music which uses the form and movements in Bhangra to target the core and specific muscle groups. It has the same gratifying feeling in the end with a higher level of focus.

How do I know which class is for me - Lite or Strong?

If you want a free-flowing high-intensity cardio workout on energizing music, go for Strong. Lite is a toned down version for you to build stamina and still get a sweaty, fulfilling workout.

What is Bhangra Femme?

Bhangra Femme is a fast-paced class – part choreography, part cardio. There’s movement to cover space, twists, turns and some sassy routines. We’ve put together a unique playlist to work on so join us in the fun.

What if I book a fitness class and can't make it?

You can cancel your booking without losing the class credit 12 hours before if it’s a weekday class and 24 hours before for a weekend class.

Where can I find the playlists used in the Fitness classes?

We get a lot of people asking that! We’re working on setting up a section on the website to share our playlists.


Do I have to attend all classes in a Learn Bhangra semester?

Each Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced semester is 6 weeks long, with one class every week. You are booked for the all six classes together when you sign up.

Can I attend a single Learn class and not sign up for the whole semester?

Yes, limited drop-in slots are available in each class. You can find the drop-in option on the class details page. This is a great way to try a class before you know it’s for you.

I missed a few classes in the beginning of a semester, can I still join? Do I pay full price?

Yes, you can still join a semester if you missed a class or two in the beginning. We will prorate the price for you so you only pay for the remaining classes. Please note that this means you might have to work a little harder to come up to pace with the rest of the class on the material they covered. Also note that the make-up policy does not apply if you signed up for a pro-rated semester.

Is there a performance or recital at the end of a semester?

After every Learn semester, we do a ‘video’ performance where the class is divided into groups who perform for the camera. The edited video is shared with the class participants.

I want to join a Bhangra semester but I can't attend all the classes. What are my options?

We offer the flexibility to ‘make-up’ ONE class in the semester. If you miss one class, you can let us know and we’ll move you in another Beginner or Intermediate class – which is going on in parallel to the semester you are part of. Please note, the make-up policy does not apply if you signed up for a pro-rated semester.

Can I see the videos recorded in class to practice at home?

Yes, we share a class video every week with the entire group through an app.